Weekly Create – Week 11 [DH in our lives as students]

This week, Dr. Travis prompted us to blog about a digital project, assignment, challenge, or success in your classroom (as a teacher or student).

At first I was inclined to past about a recent CFB I responded to, but that felt like a cheap cop-out, especially since I posted a little project blurb about it last week. Then, I thought about a website I made for the English club at my school as a final project in a web design class, which I nearly failed because I suck at coding, but somehow the teacher either took pity or the website some how met the criterion for mastery, because much to my surprise I did not fail the course. This fond recollection made me recall that we created an e-zine, or digital version, to accompany the print publication of our club’s campus literary magazine, Unchained Muse.


It’s implementation began digitally (with the collection of student submissions of poetry, short story, and art via email), therefore, at the suggestion of our moderator, my executives and I decided this digitized method of curating submissions easily accommodated a digital format. The e-magazine, from it’s inception, was imagined a collaborative project, and it’s manifestation involved negotiating with student-writers, artists, photographers, moderators, administrators, and fellow club executives, including a collaboration with our campus’ Sigma Tau Delta chapter.

Already in it’s second volume (published once a semester), the magazine is hosted live on school’s student portal and a link is sent out in the weekly agenda mass-email sent to students and faculty. It is published from Word as a .PDF file. The aim is that each executive board bring their own style to the their publication, but keep a basic aim for highlighting campus voices at it’s heart.


The suggestion to create a digital version to accompany the print version was ingenious because in this format the content can reach so many more people because of the culture of digital humanities we inhabit.

In addition, I was pleased to see that Michael’s insight about the open-access resource OpenDOAR hosting DSpace at SUNY included campus-based publications I was familiar with from other SUNY schools I have attended, such as the feminist literary magazine Lilith from SUNY Suffolk.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Create – Week 11 [DH in our lives as students]

  1. Katie,

    That’s a pretty cool project! I’m actually on the editorial for the St. John’s literary and arts magazine, Sequoya, and we don’t currently have an up-to-date e-version of the magazine. You’ve got me thinking it’s a project we should definitely undertake!

    Would you possibly be able to send me a digital copy of Unchained Muse? Worry not, I won’t plagiarize. I’m just intrigued!



    1. Aimée,

      I would love to hear more about Sequoya in class or after today if you have a chance. Also, I can send you the first edition today when I get in, but I’m still waiting for an email of the second edition from the new president, expecting it tonight so hopefully I can send you both. Thanks for expressing interest!



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