Final Project Idea: So Sad Today

For our final project, I had the idea to highlight a popular internet-personality that I follow on Twitter and argue that her style of microblogging constitutes a form a digital publishing. As a poet and author, Melissa Broder’s @sosdtoday account was originally created from an anonymous point of view (2012-15). I find the aspect of her former anonymity, along with the interactive nature of the social media platform, and the existential nature of her content especially intriguing. I recently responded to a CFB (Call For Blogs) from the Sweetland’s Digital Rhetoric Collaborative (DRC) based out of the University of Michigan that Dr. Travis posted on her blog about “The Past, Present, and Future of Digital Publishing”. Please feel free to comment with ideas and suggestions for class tie-ins. In terms of where my project aligns for the organization of our class e-book, I think it’s pretty flexible because it makes the case for viewing social media platforms as arenas for digital publishing. However, due to the subject matter Broder delves in, I feel it may align with the recovery narrative idea. Let me know what you think, guys. Thanks! 🙂


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