Weekly Create- Week 4

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For this week’s blog, we were asked to do some exploration in to our links and readings.

I was compelled to watch the PostSecret video last week in my spare time during my own investigation of the site’s content under the “Links” tab and stumbled upon the link beneath it to the Educational Uses of Digital Story Telling site hosted by the University of Houston. Under the ‘Language and Arts’ section, I was intrigued by a video called The Tupac Project.

In the video, charter school teacher Matt McConn uses his knowledge of his student’s interests to engage them in new and interesting ways he would not have expected otherwise. While digital story telling isn’t a novel concept, and the video is not too sophisticated in in terms of production, its existence is indicative of a convergence of media that allows scholars and educators to communicate more efficiently, allowing for better scholastic interaction.

Most interesting to note is how the interests of young people forces McConn, and the viewers of his digital story, to acknowledge that collaborative literacy cannot exist in a vacuum, and in order to engage his students, he has to observe them and invest the time to plan an effective lesson accordingly.

The underlying message of McConn’s story was that the emergence of digital humanities have forced a wider range of scholars to acknowledge the literary merit of a multitude of genres, including rap music, post cards, etc., and further, encourages them to continue to imagine how these fringe works can be incorporated into effective teaching strategies.



2 thoughts on “Weekly Create- Week 4

  1. This is so cool, and reminds me of a FYW professor that I know who incorporates music videos into his class.It begs the question of : What are other ways that we can look at traditional and non traditional narratives ?

    Thanks for the interesting find!

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  2. I looked over at Raquel’s laptop in class yesterday and saw that the acronym FYW stands for First Year Writing courses. I figured it had to do with some curriculum of ingratiation. That’s an interesting technique, and I’m glad SJU is incorporating it.


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